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Festessen Intuitive Eating
Intuitive Eating Riots not Diets; Intuitive Ernährung

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to learn more about Intuitive Eating and making peace with food.


Intuitive Eating
What it is and what it isn't...

Intuitive Eating is a compassionate self-care eating framework rooted in dignity for all bodies.
That's the simple definition.

But eating, as many things in life, can be layered and complex.

Do you sometimes feel as if you don't know how to eat anymore? Are you confused or overwhelmed by the many 'shoulds and shouldn't s'? Do you think your body should look different and needs to be optimized, life-hacked, detoxed or all of the things mentioned?

To start listening to your body is a journey. To rediscover what she or he is telling you will connect you to an inner wisdom we all have (even if it seems to be covered up). To start a conversation with your internal body cues and then trust, listen and act - that is where this journey leads you.

Intuitive Eating is not a diet. In fact, it is quite the opposite of all things diet, diet culture and the harm that is caused by it.

It is inner work.
It is your path to making peace with food.

The benefits of becoming an intuitive eater

Intuitive Eaters are more connected to their inner body cues (aka interoceptive awareness or your own personal super-power). In other words they listen to, understand and act on the signals of their body.


Intuitive Eating was associated with the following benefits

  • Greater body appreciation and satisfaction.

  • Positive emotional functioning

  • Greater life satisfaction

  • Unconditional self-regard and optimism

  • Psychological hardiness

  • Greater motivation to exercise, when focus is on enjoyment rather than guilt or appearance (Riciardelli, 2016) according to a meta-analysis of twenty four studies


This sounds good to you? Are you curious to find out how to get there?

No more dieting. Enough. Keine Diäten mehr. Anti Diät

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Food is love.

Nurturing yourself is a privilege and – for some – a real challenge...

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