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Become an intuitive eater now.

Together, we will look into the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating. There is no sequence you must follow. Some of the principles will be easy to integrate into your life while others might require a little more time and practice. 

Free First Meeting

We get to know each other briefly and see if the chemistry is just right.

Under 'Book online' you can choose 'Gratis Infogespräch | Free Frist Meeting' and I reserve 15 Minutes via a Zoom Call for you!

Anti-Diet, Anti-Diät, Body-Positivity, Den-eigenen-Körper-annehmen
Intuitiv Essen. Intuitive Ernährung
Intuitive Eating Strandspaziergang Intuitive Eating beachwalk
Intuitive Eating Paket Package

Intuitive Eating Online Session

You are ready for a peaceful and relaxed relationship with your body and your eating.

Intuitive Eating Beachwalks

Does it feel more natural to you to get in touch with your inner self while you are moving? Let's walk and talk – on the Portuguese coastline.

Intuitive Eating Package

You are more than ready to take this path and want to listen very carefully to what your body is saying. With a package of 10 sessions you get a 10% discount.

Individual Pricing

You are sure that the approach to eating intuitively would do you more than good. At the same time, your budget is currently very modest.

Or you live in Portugal like me – the cost of living is lower, but so is your income. I am happy to discuss a resident-discount.

Feel free to contact me via email - we can talk about a price plan that suits you and I will send you a corresponding voucher after we have agreed.

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