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Anti Diät. Diät funktioniert nicht. Sinnlose Diät. Schluss mit Diät. Stressfrei Essen.

Where you might be at on your eating journey...

... you might be at a point in your life where you had enough. Enough dieting, enough not feeling skinny enough, not looking healthy enough. You know that there must be an easier, more gentle way for you. A possibility to stop the harshness, the rigidity, the cruelty towards yourself.

Diet culture is overwhelming. The messages are omnipresent. They tell you that you should be skinny, but not loose your curves, you need to eat clean, work out, follow this diet plan or that one (and just ignore the conflicting messages that come with every diet plan). Simply put: do a million and one things to look like the influencers - but without the time and resources they have.

You might be confused, frustrated, even angry.


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