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Intuitive Eating for teenagers and young adults

For Teenagers

Teenagers and young adults react very positively to intuitive eating in general. Why? Human beings are born intuitive eaters. Most healthy infants usually know when they feel hungry and will also loudly express their needs to those around them. If the baby has eaten enough, it will also clearly show this. At some point, many people lose this ability. Adolescents are surrounded by people who dedicate an immense amount of their time and energy to the ideal of being as thin as possible. Yes, someone in the family or circle of friends is always on a diet, feels too fat, meticulously follows this diet plan or that one. In addition, social media shapes a body image that demands looking nothing less than perfect. This can be terribly exhausting and have a negative impact on your relationship with your own body. Eating disorders are not uncommon, disturbed eating behaviour is also wide spread.

We are all shaped by our surroundings and the daily images that constantly tell us that we are not slim, not fit, not 'healthy' enoughh. 

It makes sense to actively oppose and question these omnipresent messages, which de facto cause harm. The sooner, the better.

It seems that young people find it relatively easy to integrate the principles of IE because it was not so long ago that they were in contact with their body and its wisdom. At the same time, it feels really good to discover and integrate your own autonomy and start walking your own personal path.

Little Islands

Certainly there are other options

Diet culture bombards us with pointless reminders that we are not good enough. The diet industry makes stupidly high amounts of money off of our insecurities. Surely there are great examples that show how things can be done differently. Take a short vacation in your mind and follow the links for anti-diet culture

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